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It showed what the Wiimote and Nunchuck can do, complementing the demonstration given by Wii Sports. Ubisoft manages to delivers lots of first person shooting action and swordplay wrapped up in a pretty neat package, but with bad controls. Of course, the game has its ups and downs, but we've seen and played this a million times: enraged ninja shooter fights the Yakuza in order to save his fiance. The only question that remains is: "Where's Jet Li?". Well here we are fanboys! If you're not a Transformers fan, get ready for a semi GTA clone that's gone bad. In case you have pijamas with pictures of Decepticons on them, you'll love the graphics of the game and the way that the robots morph. However, even the fanboys will notice that they're dealing with a media product that's average enough to disappoint even the fanatics. A bad camera and AI, short campaigns and repetitive actions take Transformers: The Game to the pit of mediocrity, mixing it with the gang of titles that draw their inspiration from movies. Even Tom will assume a different position if the ship's leaning to the left or right. There will be many corpses to be seen while walking through the crew's cabins, but don't be fooled. Some of those guys can still attack you and those damn beasts hate you so much that they'll keep stabbing you, even after they've received the deserved head-shot. Headless, footless, lacking an arm, or half of their head, losing blood on the floor, those are the type of zombies that you'll encounter and there's no wonder that this game is forbidden for those that aren't 18 yet. The whole appeal to the football fan hidden inside the gamer can be found in the menu's background as it's filled with pictures of spectators that attend matches or their sexy girlfriends. Years have passed since we stopped complaining about how the crowd looks and FIFA 07 is not the title to change that. The public will be waving banners, making Mexican waves and throwing confetti, reacting to the team's in-field achievements. I must say that the graphics during gameplay are not exceptionally good and there are moments when you miss playing this game on a PC. They're the giant beasts spawned by the Planet to protect it from Meteor, but they'll cause of lot of rampage to the surrounding environment and to you. One of the coolest materia you can use in FF VII is the Enemy Skill yellow orb, that allows you to learn a couple of special attacks from the enemies that use them. They'll be remembered by the characters wielding this materia and used against them. This RPG also focuses on elementals, so you should be careful when attacking a fire-based enemy with a blaze or a snow wolf with Ice 3, as it will only heal them. Childish sounds will fill the game and it's never boring to hear the giggles and laughs of the characters. Birds sing, the water flows, the sound of the hit ball is there. Listen to the chillout piano music and the funky bass. There are also sounds made by sheep, dogs, even the wind can be heard while putting for the big prize. Aside from the "kplunk" written on the screen, when the ball tumbles down the hole you'll hear that "kplunk" sound (whatever that is). The crowd will be very emotional, cheering for you, and going "ooohhh" when you miss by a millimeter. The rolling eyes and stupid grin are worth every second of gameplay. Look, I can see it moving! What is it? It's Daxter's tail, waved all over the place as we travel through this bug infested world. Female characters are also well designed and you'll watch Daxter drool each time a "she" appears in the area. Environments are stunning, sci-fi cities, lakes, forests, looking good even from the distance. Even the flying vehicles from Haven City look magnificent. This may be a portable console game, but there is even the effect of grass movement as you walk on by. Graphically, WRC4 is one of the prettiest rally games around. The sceneries you speed through are wonderfully detailed and feature some of the best textures on the PlayStation 2. The view distance is impressive, gone are the pop-up issues of old and the spectacle on offer is often breathtaking. The weather effects are fairly decent, but some of the particle effects, such as the dust cloud behind the car, look really great, as do the lighting effects. It's a pity that the crowds of onlookers, despite being more lively than before, have remained two-dimensional. Need for Speed is a game made to be played with people, not with the clumsy AI. However, one might have thought about Wi-Fi multiplay with 4, 6 or 8 racers. Instead, PSP owners got a two player race via Wi-Fi. However, 4 people can play NFS Rivals on the PSP thanks to the Party Mode. This can be a real pain, because it involves racing by taking turns and sooner or later, someone will fight about whose turn it is. As for the versus race, there are not too many options to toy with and the seemingly attractive multiplayer will prove to be a disappointment soon. EA's got a great orchestra and 22 actors of the original cast, all gathered to make Harry Potter the Order of the Phoenix a great audio experience. The characters sure sound like their motion picture counterparts, but the NPCs are just lame, greeting Harry like they just saw a spectre, with the same lines each time. The music's perfect, perhaps the best I've heard in the latest games inspired by movies and the atmosphere created by the title's soundtrack will make you imagine that you're playing a Lord of the Rings, instead of Harry Potter's latest adventure. XBOX 360 fails to deliver in the multiplayer and things are pretty bad. PES 6 on the PS 2 allows you to play on more stadiums and also, it's more lag-free than the other versions. It surprised me to see that you can even battle the PC players that enter the lobby system with their version of the game. Also Microsoft's next-gen console has only 1 vs. 1 matches, while the PS 2 strikes again with multi-tap features, or 4 versus 4 matches. I've never heard of a game before that allowed Playstation 2 users to play with those that played games online on their PCs. H.A.W.X. 2 is clearly more of an arcade than a sim but the second installment in the series introduces take offs and landings. Getting off the ground is not hard at all and is mostly tedious, making the addition seem a bit unnecessary. Landing on the other hand can be punishing, which means that the return of the Enhanced Reality System is a welcome one, guiding the player back to the landing strip and telling him when to reduce speed and when to drop the landing gear in order to make sure that the billion dollar flying machine makes it to the ground safely. At the end of the first God of War game, the mighty Kratos defeated the ex-god of war, Ares, taking his place. Now, aside from being worshiped by a couple of fine Greek ladies that dwell near his throne, Kratos enjoys the calm before the storm. He's once again thrown into the conflict, when Athena warns him that he should stop destroying the Greek cities, because the other gods are getting angry. Our hero ignores her and descends in Rhodes that was just being attacked. Like all the other gods, Kratos is now "king-size", a colossus version of his former self. Ever watched a match where Tyneside played against Merseyside Red? I bet you did, but you couldn't have imagined that these are the names that Konami picked for Newcastle and Liverpool while struggling to get more licenses for PES 6. But the fiercest battle is not in the football field, not even in the whole licensing process, it's in the sales and 2sd1555 Pdf 2sd1555 Pdf 2sd1555 Pdf 6 has a long way to go, to reach FIFA 07's fame and press hype. Other than that, you shouldn't expect any storyline from Konami's title, since playing football doesn't require much of a plot. There will be times when you'll be convinced that Rico is a Latin Spiderman when you'll watch him hang on to a chopper using his grappling gun or parachuting of the roof of a car to start floating in mid air over a beautiful valley. There are fun parts in this game, as it is not a dramatic piece of action. You'll kill a soldier exactly when he was making out with his girlfriend, you'll hear some funny lines from Rico or exploit the fun that killing cops brings you. Most of the game you'll have to assassinate people, deliver packages and blow up road blocks. The first contact with Ape Academy leaves a sour taste in your mouth, because of the huge loading times. This is not some sort of crime, considering that most PSP games have the same problem. No brilliant cutscenes to begin with, as you're taken directly to the game menu and you'll have to choose between the Academy Mode, Versus or Minigame Collection. Let's say that Academy Mode is the story mode and the first thing to do if you want to get the best out of the game. The Minigame Collection will remain locked till you play the levels from the Academy Mode. Normally, I'd call this part of the review the "Story" part, but you all know the story behind Mario and his adventures. That Princess Peach, who seems to be cuter every times she makes an appearance in a game, gets herself kidnapped again and, of course, Mario has to go out and save her. I bet you could guess who took her even if you've never played a Mario game before in your life. Yes, it was Bowser. Only now, the twist is that the kidnapping in of galactic proportions. Bowser has an UFO-like spaceship with which he takes Peach and leaves Mario stranded. At some time in the game, you'll be able to let your foe live, after a fight and thanks to that you'll gain new abilities, so stay wise. Red Steel promised a lot and gave us too little and I'm talking about the swordplay, quantity and quality. Also, still in the katana duels department, it disappointed me to find out that there's no free roaming during the sword fights. It's a left-right, up-down affair and a couple more parry moves, but that's all. Just move the Nunchuck to parry and the Wiimote to slice and you've got the basics of Red Steel's swordplay. If not dying in a game isn't enough for you, there's even a way to replenish health: meditating. That's right, good old Mickey will have to time out and think about what he's done so far and "bam!" the life meter's full again. Combats are not much in the game, instead you'll enjoy very much the gripping, jumping, stunts, walking on the walls and all the other actions that any ninja must do. There are many things to do with Leo and company, ranging from wall-walking, to spinning while holding your hands on a bo staff or throwing Raph's daggers far far away. Do you want a game that can make you go 200 miles per hour while driving a muscle car and hit any vehicle that you please? Burnout's the perfect title for you, especially if you're a Need for Speed addict that's in for a little rehab, trying to see if there are any other driving games out there. Burnout Dominator was designed specifically for the PS2 and the PSP consoles and they rely on pure car destruction while racing on those hard traffic streets. In Dominator it's all about boosting speeds and doing damage and drifts to get points and unlock new cars. Now you'll miss more, hit the bar, face better AI goalies and use that brilliant strategy that has a player skating behind his own net. He will be doing that to lure the attackers into his zone and speed in the opposing direction to take the other team by surprise. The gamer will be doing dekes and he'll speed to the goalie in an attempt to surprise him with a wrist shot. Nothing compares to the moment when the red light is lit behind the opposing team's net. That's the signal of a scored goal for those of you that don't know the basic things about hockey. All-Star players might have big brains, but do you have to show that by making their virtual alter-egos have huge heads? It reminds me of those arcade games where a huge picture of a smiling man replaced a player's head. EA Sports can be criticized for the way the crowd looks in any of its recent games. NBA 2sd1555 Pdf 07 is no exception and a huge mass of pictures will be cheering in vain, while your team gets humiliated by the AI. Players look stiff and the combos you'll do are nothing special, unless you've never played an NBA game or watched a match on telly. Enlarge picture The atmosphere before the beginning of each race is absolutely frenetic. The music, to which the crowd cheers and the girls move their luscious bodies, almost forces you to press the A button immediately, so you can take on your opponents as fast as you can. But wait, why do that when the announcer has something very important to share with the audience? That's right: racing is now legal! But that doesn't mean that you won't be meeting with the cops in the full game. After all, there are rules to be followed even when racing in video games. You might think that single player will get