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Also, there's another multiplayer style called "Land Control", something like King of the Hill, as players will have to take control over some strategic locations. Enemies posses rather good fighting skills, they're nothing like sitting ducks (well, except for the ground units that will follow their course on the map). They have planes just as agile as yours and they'll sweep the air with daring loops and sharp angles of attack and make use of the entire artillery they have available to make a martyr out of you. If you're not their target you might get an easier chance of bringing them down in a blaze, but if they're on your tail better put those evading maneuvers in action (ask your mates for help if available). From now on - even if I should have done this a long time ago - I will try not to have expectations from certain games because they don't usually live up to these expectations and it's not because any fault of their own. I wasn't a big fan of GTA even if I've played all the versions and I wasn't too enthused by the prospect of a similar one (I hate the word clone). This game kicked me in the ? right place and for the first time in my life (after an injury like that), I felt good. I loved playing Scarface and I will make it a juror in the next GTA trial. Character customization is one of the assets Guild Wars made itself known for and I have to agree, characters look simply amazing. Having breathtaking detail and full freedom of choice regarding the way your body, weapons and clothes look is good for the ego, be it in game as it is. It even went so far that armor and weapon dyes are sort of a second type of currency, besides regular gold. Players go out of their way to paint themselves using black dye, being the most expensive. After all, you can't look grim and evil without putting some effort into it. The game consists of seven stacks of cards (28 in total), a deck of 24 cards, and 4, initially empty, suit stacks. The arrangement of the seven stacks is by single rows. The number of cards in a row corresponds with their order on the tableau. The first row has one card, the second has two, and so on. The player has to move all 52 cards to the four suit stacks (one for every color) by building them up. . Rules specify that, on the tableau, cards have to be built down by alternating colors. Only the card that is face up on the deck is available for play. As a response to the ships' impressive line of sight and range of fire, some of the artillery units (MLRS for instance) were given a range buff, too (read: huge range increment, similar to Sudden Strike or Blitzkrieg). Therefore, multiplayer skirmishes have just become even more disputed than before. Heavy artillery units (set on auto-fire) in combination with a fast scout will bring hell and worse over Bravo HQ. To further support such tactics, the active range of heavy artillery units has been rewarded with a clearly visible highlight on the minimap. The vehicle combat is probably the only strong point of the game (besides the trucks themselves). The weapon mounts always fallow the camera - or it was the other way around? - Whereas the truck is controlled independently. Although circling around your targets is a strategy written in stone, blowing up cars pumps your veins with exhilarating joy until the end. I have tried an immobile, dreadnaught style strategy using both cannons and mortars against my foes, but to no avail. Not even their horrid AI was enough to make them a more approachable target. Graphics, while appropriate for a FPS, lack massive eye candy. Considering War Rock's bend towards simulating reality, I'd say this is a good thing. Since the action sees such a fast pace, I doubt players will have time to thoroughly study models, textures or effects. They look fine the way they are, considering the game runs alright on older computers. There's one thing that won't go unnoticed though: Sound. Accurate and effective, it's catchy to such an extent that only seconds into the game you'll feel fully immersed in its gameplay, ready to fight. It may seem strange that a sequel should follow when the first game pretty much covered all the ground from Peter Jackson's trilogy. It turns out EA Games have decided to expand outside the realm of the movies by unifying them with the general Tolkien license, thus allowing for a much grander view of the War of the Ring. The Battle for Middle-Earth 2 shifts focus to the war in the north where the elves and the dwarves also struggled against the forces of Sauron, and which, according to the histories, held some of the biggest battles of the entire war. The high fantasy novel Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien has been a great source of inspiration for painters, musicians, movie-makers, writers and even video game developers. Although I'm quite sure most of you are also familiar with the writings as well as with the movie trilogy that were highly appreciated, our attention turns to the accomplishments in the video games industry. The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth RTS proved it deserved a sequel so Electronic Arts kindly bowed to the fans' community and released this year (2006) BFME II. Story? Well, you pick up an avatar for yourself at the airport and send it to the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. Having a starting sum of $100,000 you are to settle in here by purchasing yourself a nice home and of course a car. You have to buy them both so you probably won't have enough to buy the car of your dreams from the very beginning. The rest of it? well, it's up to you to write the rest of the story. Go home and read the news whenever you feel like remembering how your career started. Experience the racing lifestyle however you see fit. In terms of stellar warfare (if not naval, as there aren't any other than NF) flawed as they were, games like Star Fleet Command or Nexus: The Jupiter Incident bring to shame almost all other tactics simulation wannabies. Not that I am thwarted in my expectations, there never was the case to speak about Navy Field in such terms. It is the right of every company to come up with one outlandish scheme after another just to make sure their wares sell. And marketing strategies are of no concern here, however clearing things up a little won't hurt anybody. If there is any severe disruption of balance, the Aliens' may have something to do with it. With an outrageous air fleet, made up of battle cruisers and destroyers with immense offensive power and a defense to match it (alien battle ships can deflect most energy weapons and counter any missile attack). An Alien player left to build its army in peace will certainly become the Wrath of Gods. A thing that may change the balance is that Aliens (and UCS, strange though, as this faction doesn't look strong at all) cannot gain experience as the ED and LC do. Aside from ore and precious gems I also find sometimes stones. They kept coming and I kept storing them in my inventory. When I got to carrying up to 8 stones around in my poor backpacks I thought to myself I may be able to carve something nice of them. That?s how I