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Early on, you get a sticker album, and as you peel stickers from walls, knock them out of blocks, or purchase them with coins, they get placed in your album. Ordinary stickers have names like jump, hammer, and fire flower, and only by spending these stickers can you attack your enemies during Sticker Star's turn-based combat. Classic deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture-the-flag modes are worth diving into for a quick retro fix of bare-bones fragging free of any modern nuance. These offerings are as pared down as it gets: a bunch of players running around on crazy murder sprees to see who can rack up the highest kill count. If you're not squeamish about getting back to basics, the frenetic tempo does sweep you into its flow. Moai Flv Player For Android is a more energetic multiplayer option, since the endless influx of hellish hordes makes it impossible to stop moving and shooting if you want to stay alive. The rails you must frequently grind also lack stickiness, which makes landing on them at the end of a leap a tricky proposition. You may overshoot your intended destination, and that often means you must backtrack through hazardous territory so that you can make another attempt. Building up speed so that you can manage the long jumps required to clear gaps is also an issue, since by default your skater moves at a snail's pace. You're forced to pay entirely too much attention to the controls the whole time you play, lest a split second of inattentiveness lead to disaster. It might sound like a plodding war of attrition, but the setting and crazy characters turn every match into a frenetic clash of strategies. It feels like you're always just one button--one quick decision--away from death or domination. The maps have multiple levels filled with jump pads, a couple of environmental hazards, and some local creatures you can kill for health. There's plenty of space to duke it out while your droids bop along on their paths of destruction. It's a dead-simple concept made more complex by the three player-controlled hero characters on each team. Some of the game's most memorable moments occur as you take time to just exist in the world without advancing the story forward. You might savor the sights and sounds of standing under a pristine night sky, for instance, or you might meet Jim Guthrie himself in a grove and share a dreamy jam session as you make the trees resonate while Jim lays down a beat. It's a magical moment in a game full of a kind of rare beauty that you seldom encounter in games, or anywhere, for that matter. You get Guthrie's score for the game free with your purchase, which is a fantastic bonus. Other disappointments shamble about, such as tiny typefaces for the menus that make for rough reading when displayed on a television screen several feet from your face. Within the core gameplay, the camera is set at just the right distance to induce a twinge of motion sickness from all the acrobatic spinning. Fortunately, there's plenty of eye candy to go around, ranging from night levels that seem to highlight every individual leaf your headlights pass over, to the oddly detailed entrails the zombies spurt out, though you might encounter some occasional screen tearing. Concessions have been made for the score junkies out there, though. You're awarded stars during each routine, which are totaled up and added to your mojo, which is Just Moai Flv Player For Android 4's form of experience. That goes towards unlocking new playlists, electro mash-ups, and alternate dances, but thankfully not the core songs themselves, all of which are unlocked from the get-go. There are also dance quests to complete for each song that unlock bonus content, such as earning five stars, getting all "good" moves, or landing the perfect pose when the chorus section of a song is sung. Without a cluttered HUD, this fighter draws the eye toward its outrageous visuals. What starts as a friendly sparring match between friends could easily end up causing a massive train car pileup or a raging oil fire. Dubbed danger zones, the environmental hazards can give you an edge (so long as you're not the one getting your head slammed into an electrified barrier), and their over-the-top violence adds some extra excitement to the fight. These design choices let newer players pick up and enjoy the game, while still feeding seasoned fighters the information they need. One thing that's not as elegantly designed, though, is the game's entirely mouse-driven control system. Sans hotkeys, Shad'O can be unnecessarily hard on the fingers. Scrolling is overly slow and annoying on the biggest maps, and would have been greatly helped if the designers had implemented hotkeys for jumping around from location to location. Another issue is the translation from the game's original French: it's often clumsy, sometimes to the point that it detracts from the storytelling, which, for a game that focuses on the drama of its backstory, can kill the mood. PES 13's single-player modes are also in danger of becoming horribly outdated. You're treated to exactly the same modes as last year, including the officially licensed UEFA Champions League and South American Moai Flv Player For Android Libertadores tournaments, and unofficial tournaments such as League Cup and Community. The once genre-leading Become a Legend and Master League remain untouched too, and while it's still fun to guide a player through his career or perform the duties of a manager, the dreary visuals and outdated transfer system make them far less appealing than they used to be. They Bleed Pixels wastes little time explaining its backstory: click Start, and you quickly find yourself in the shoes of a nameless, talons-for-fingers schoolgirl, jumping over spikes and tearing enemies to, well, pixels. Gameplay is a straightforward action-platforming experience, with some enemies placed at regular intervals for you to fight. The crackerjack timing required for the platforming and the button-mashiness of the fighting make the game tough to play on a keyboard, though, so make sure you've got a solid controller, or get ready for carpal tunnel syndrome. The turn-based, strategic portion of the campaign receives the bulk of the improvements over Shogun 2. After picking one of the clans allied to either the shogun or the emperor, you must secure victory for your liege (or yourself, if you feel like fighting for a republic) by conquering enough of the new, and staggeringly immense, map of Japan. The map contains 75 provinces, including Hoakkaido Island, which was absent in Shogun 2. Fall of the Samurai's campaign covers a longer period of time than the Boshin War, but it is still a fairly short era by Total War standards. Even more interesting (though perhaps not as well executed) is the online multiplayer, which pits Assassins against Templars in a map-based battle for worldwide domination. It's essentially a card game where you collect assassins of various statistical abilities and then send them into fights across the world in an effort to capture those cities for your chosen side. There's a strange allure in the way it feels like a science-fiction-tinged cross between Pokemon and Risk, but it's hard to imagine this feature has the staying power of the console multiplayer experience. You can play through battles trying to follow a list of specific orders for more potential winnings, which are rarely substantial. Ultimately, even when you try to use all the crazy options the game gives you for fighting, you usually wind up feeling like your effort didn't yield adequate reward. It's easier to try to ignore enemies on the field (or mash fight through the battles) and instead build up levels and collect rewards in the optional Mugen Field, a series of random battles with handicaps that can deliver bigger experience point yields and rewards than normal. Don't be too concerned by the minor drawbacks, however. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a wonderful and worthy strategy game with a layer of campy charm that makes the stone-faced seriousness of the game's characters all the more endearing. It's also remarkably accessible, thanks to a great interface that feels comfortable whether you're using a keyboard and mouse or have a controller in your hand. Enemy Unknown packs dense amounts of dramatic tension into each turn. And so it's time to eliminate the alien threat, commander. Select a location, build your base…and save humanity. For those who've never held a basketball before, NBA Baller Beats is a surprisingly useful teaching tool, especially for learning how to dribble precisely with your off hand. As you get higher into the game's levels, you also learn tricks such as behind-the-back dribbles, quick pass fakes, and a variety of other, flashier stuff that's best left to those with more skill than most of us have. In case you're unfamiliar with the basics, there's a tutorial mode called Beat School that you (or, say, a reluctant family member) can use to familiarize yourself with proper form. Combat in Dead or Moai Flv Player For Android 5 is divided into strikes, holds, and throws. These attack types form an rock, paper, scissors relationship: strike beats throw, throw beats hold, and hold beats strike. Strike has a good chance at beating hold as well, since the defending player must execute the correct hold with perfect timing. Strikes also have the greatest potential for damage because you can combo them together--while the majority of holds and throws end with a hard knockdown. This damage potential is further enhanced by one of DOA5's two new techniques, the critical burst. If you can look past the issues surrounding the zombies and the lunar cycles, The Sims 3: Supernatural provides one of the richest experiences the latest outing of the beloved franchise has offered in years. Its timing also couldn't be better, since such a rich and quirky take on the everyday lives of the sims may be enough to lure back players who lost interest over the previous six expansions. In its best moments, it presents a fresh experience without sacrificing the enjoyment of the game proper, and it reveals new and delightful surprises in every cobwebbed corner. Training mode, meanwhile, offers numerous ways to analyze and practice your newly learned skills, including numerous detailed input displays (complete with frame data for advanced players) and notations on how and where moves strike you or your opponent. The training dummy can also be set to react in a plethora of ways, including switching up command strings at random so you can practice anticipating and countering troublesome mix-ups. Replays of offline and online matches can also be saved, shared online, and carefully analyzed with similar tools to the training mode. War--what is it good for? In Warlock: Master of the Arcane, war is good for absolutely everything. Warlock focuses on the "exterminate" portion of the 4X (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) strategy formula, with rudimentary diplomacy and research systems, leaving a fun and sometimes intense turn-based strategy game that's all about throwing armies of high-fantasy creatures into conflict. While the game's enemy great mages (aka the "AI") could use a better grasp of their own systems, Warlock provides a satisfying challenge, provided you play on its higher settings. Catching out Kimi Raikkonen on the last corner with a well-timed boost, taking the shortcut over the top of a castle to get past Jensen Button, positioning a rain cloud over Mark Webber's head--there's a novelty to all of this that is undoubtedly charming. Unfortunately, the charm doesn't last long.A few hours in and you realise this the technical world of F1 and the crazy realm of karting don't mix well together here, and that if it weren't for the F1 license, you would struggle to find reasons to play this over any of the many other similar racers already out there. Beyond that, this is the same Pokemon you've played many times before.