Wooden Desk
File size 3367 Kb
Date added: 15 Apr 2012
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 4828
Downloads last week: 205
Product ranking: 68/100

A shortcut on the tool menu would have been much easier. This program is frustrating for experienced users, but those unfamiliar with graphics software will be face a steep climb up the learning curve. The program's interface is characterized by a professional-looking design. It's easy to operate, with a few relatively straightforward commands. However, one thing we didn't like was its complete lack of a Help file. Even when the program directed us to the company's Web site, we found nothing more than a commercial for the developer's other products. The program did allow us to cut and paste a URL from Yenka Activation Code for conversion, as advertised. Interestingly, it also did the same for videos from MetaCafe, FunnyorDie, and Unfortunately, when we entered a Web address from any of these sites, 123 Yenka Activation Code Downloader informed us the URL was incorrect. We cut-and-pasted several different videos and got the same response each time. The only option that worked was the program's lone feature, the Yenka Activation Code for Any Video option. Suspiciously, this also took us to the company's Web site, which doubled as a search engine for videos. Looking almost unfinished with its stark white layout, the interface isn't pretty, but it gets the job done. The program's user-friendly functionality has only two command options, both intuitive to operate, which keeps things on track; a good thing because there's no Help file to turn to if you get confused. It's no more complicated to use than cutting and pasting a Yenka Activation Code URL. The ripping process was slower than we'd like, taking about the same amount of time as the video's actual running time, but it resulted in a perfect facsimile of the original, only in FLV format. The program is so minimal that it doesn't offer any special features. This was disappointing because file type options other than Flash Video would have moved this from being merely a good program to being a fantastic one. Regardless of its limitations, this program offers a valuable service since Yenka Activation Code videos aren't available for download from that site. The game's premise is simple: the player is a little fish in a big pond, and can increase in size by eating other smaller fish. The player can also be eaten by larger fish, so a careful balance must be struck between offensive and defensive action. With each level new challenges and bonuses are added; predatory fish get bigger and scarier, but opportunities abound to earn extra points and lives. On the whole, there's nothing particularly impressive about this game; the graphics are decent but not outstanding, and it doesn't require much in the way of thought or skill, aside from some quick moves with the mouse. We feel that among PopCap's many outstanding offerings that Feeding Frenzy is a bit lackluster, but we found the game to be challenging and enjoyable. Feeding Frenzy doesn't have a Help file per se, but before each level it does provide tips about new items that users will encounter, so it's easy enough to figure out. Dooble's interface is very sleek and simple and reminds us of Google's Yenka Activation Code Web browser. Its commands are clearly labeled, which makes it intuitive to operate. The program is quite responsive, too. It does what most other browsers do. It supports tabbed browsing, for instance, as well as bookmarking sites and searching for specific topics via its search engine, which, like most of the competition, lets you specify searches for text, audio, video, or images. This wasn't an enormous help since the most popular search engines, such as Google, actually do a better job of it. Dooble again failed to impress with its security features, which the program's description touted as superior. However, all these do is automatically erase your cookies and browsing history after you close the program; yet another standard feature in most browsers. This program functions well enough, but it never outperformed the competition in any aspect. We enjoyed the program's simple interface. It buries itself in your task bar and only has a few, easy-to-understand command options. Nothing about it left us with questions about how to operate this software. With a few simple clicks, we were able to enter dates and times, write ourselves a quick note, set an alarm, or post a note or event on our calendar. The whole thing took less than a minute to accomplish, even on the first attempt. One feature we like is the capability to run a report of the day's events. The reminder alarm caused a pop-up screen to jump across our desktop when the time was right. The program offered some interesting features to coordinate events into groups and edit events that have already been created, but we never felt these were necessary since the primary function was so comprehensive. AllNotes Personal Yenka Activation Code offers an excellent way to stay on top of things with simple but effective reminders. The software scene is crowded with Registry editors and cleaners, each promising to improve your system's performance and enhance your online security by deleting old, broken, invalid, and downright dangerous entries in the Windows Registry as well as cleaning your disk drives, browser caches, and other stores of sensitive information. They typically offer a free download version that will analyze your system and uncover rows and rows of malicious-looking items, which of course you want to delete because they look so threatening, highlighted in red. However, to actually clean or tweak your system, you must fork over 30 bucks for a full version, which you do because you assume the software knows more about it than you do. After you run the cleaner, you find that some Windows features no longer work, or you can't open this or that program, or your machine won't even boot because the Registry cleaner has deleted critical files. The program's interface consists of a sleek and accurate reproduction of the Yenka Activation Code calculator, with an arrow that allows users to switch between portrait and landscape orientation. The portrait orientation gives users access to basic calculator functions; numbers, operators, and basic memory features. The landscape orientation displays the calculator's expanded scientific features, but unfortunately, none of them work. Yenka Activation Codeking on any of these keys results in a pop-up asking for donations to support the further development of iCalcy. At first we were dismayed that the program does not come with a Help file to explain these more advanced options, but once we realized that the calculator doesn't actually contain these features--at least, not yet--we didn't really figure that it mattered. Overall, Yenka Activation Code is an attractive replica of the Yenka Activation Code calculator, but until it fills out its features, it's not much more than a pretty face. This program's interface is clean and simple to use. Those familiar with virus protection software will find the program's layout similar to many popular programs. For users new to antivirus software, Loaris offers a good Help file that will get you up and running. To test the program, we had it do a quick scan of a target computer, which it accomplished with no problems. The program has a handy update tab built into the menu that will check to see if you're running the most recent version. The Tools menu offers some nice options that not all virus protection programs have, such as the ability to Reset Windows Update Policies. As the program explains, some spyware programs try to disable your Windows Update settings, but by selecting this option, Loaris Trojan Yenka Activation Coder will fix any of those settings that have been disabled by spyware. We've experienced that specific problem with our PC and know how useful that option can be. The program's interface instantly impressed us with its simplicity. We were able to understand the ins and outs of this program within seconds and never felt lost or uncomfortable. We were able to convert our files into jpeg, bmp, gif, png, or icon types using a simple pull-down menu. To convert our file we only needed to drag an image into the converter's main screen. The file conversion happened in a matter of seconds. Our new image retained all of the original's content and clarity but with a new file type. This tool is a great way to convert images when time is of the essence, since you can do a lot with it in a short time. The program also offered a feature that lets you adjust your new file's clarity, which is a great way to monitor the size of the image and make sure it's still clear without getting too big to use. This is a great tool for image file conversion, and we were pleased with every aspect of its operation. If you pressed us to come up with something about Yenka Activation Code that we didn't like, we'